Fact Sheets

The Italian Historical Society aims to assist researchers to locate and use historical records of Italian migration.  Researchers may incluide individuals researching family history, students learning how to conduct historical research, post-graduate researchers, writers, film-makers and other artists.
A series of Fact Sheets on issues of widespread interest have been developed.
A selection of Fact Sheets are available for free download.
Fact Sheet Kits on the following topics may be purchased:
  • Italian Migration: 1900-1945
  • Italian Migration: 1945-1970
  • Internment: Civilians
  • Internment: POWs
  • Proxy Brides
  • Trades and Professions
  • The Arts
  • Italians in Carlton
Fact Sheet Kits are available for $22 ea (including postage & handling and GST) from the Italian Historican Society.
Email: ihs@coasit.com.au